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Digital Glass Printing Machine

Why Is It Special?

Easy to use

We develop printing technology with latest equipment and this allows us to print images and turn them into decorative glass piece quickly and easily.

Wide Applications

Most demanding requirements and wide range of applications for interior and exterior glass surfaces in the global market that motivates us to develop this printing technology .


Depending on the application we offer customized and high-resolution printing solution in both opaque and transparency mode using the most economical methods.

Digital Glass Printing Machine

About Us

Lexy Printinnovate is the pioneer and the leading provider of digital glass printing technology and machinery. With state of the art printers and equipments, it delivers superior printing productivity and quality solutions for architecture, interior decoration, car glass, toughen glass, industrial & automotive glass. Lexy Printinnovate explores exciting capabilities and opportunities for glass manufacturers and processors by complementing its printing technology and machines with advanced tools, graphics, marketing and business support..

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Experience our technology that delivers unique printing, innovative solution and greater quality and also provides new business opportunities for glass manufacturers.

User Friendly

A glass manufacturers and dealers can easily understand and execute the process and increase their return on investment and grow their business.


Our technology ensures safety and healthy environment through 100% eco-friendly production process by using our materials and technology.

Perfect Finishing

Our elegant printing method, distinctive clarity and perfect finishing make glass products highly demanded.

Best Industry Leader

We are proud to launch the next generation glass printing technology with advanced features by joining hands with great industry leaders.

Customer Support

We extend our support to every customers individually on time until they are either fully satisfied or their job done successfully









Sample Printed Glasses

“ With the Lexy Print Innovate business model, we can expand our client base with a manufacturing unit and capitalize on the trend of businesses investing increasingly more money into digital printing. ”

3D Mind Frame


“ Lexy Print Innovate provides all the tools and flexibility to operate our business; the support and staff delivers all the necessary details regarding print transfer technology for SUCCESS! ”



“ Lexy is one of the providers of the best technology to print on tiles with world class equipments and tools. Their knowledgeable staff is quick, enthusiastic and very helpful with all our questions and doubts… from printing to marketing and office administration as well.”

Mr. A. Krishnamoorthy,


“ There are many companies selling Printing Technology but not all are equal! We chose Lexy Print as our supplier of printing machinery due to their quality in matching our requirements. ”

Mr.E Prabhakaran


Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

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